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IP over Coax (IPoC) for MDU Deployment

The Hospitality IPTV IPoC MDU Solution is designed to be a cost effective MDU and MTU platform capable of high-speed data transmission over existing (or new) coaxial cable networks.

With the data transmission up to 320Mbps and a noise floor of up to -145dBm, it meets the growing demand for high speed multimedia services.

Built-in diplexers allows the data signal to be carried over the same coax cable as a TV or STB signal.    The IPoC Concentrator unit is installed in a wiring closet where the MATV amplifiers are already installed, and can connect with IPoC modems on the final run to each apartment, making it the ideal solution for MDU and MTU settings.

The IPoC system is ready for instant plug and play operation, eliminating the pain of modification and high infrastructure cost, providing a simple and cost-effective solution for creating standards-based IP networks over coaxial cable and distributing High-Speed Internet Access in hotels/motels and other multi-tenanted buildings.

The IPoC platform is compatible with any GEPON or UFB deployment and supports multiple service levels across multiple end points within an apartment, including WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, ATA Voice, Multicast DVB and High Speed Internet access.

Inquire now to obtain an assessment of your coax network for upgrade to full service UFB capability.

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