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IP over Coax (IPoC) Solutions for Hospitality Applications

The HIPTV Hospitality IP Distributed Access Hub (DAH) provides an Ultra High Speed Broadband delivery mechanism of up to 1.4Gbps per DAH with transparent co-existence alongside legacy digital television services on the same coax.

Multiple service levels by QoS and IPV6 support along with IGMP snooping and multiple VLANs within the closed and secure Hotel coax network provide a fully managed, powerful and cost effective platform for Multicast HD video, high speed broadband data, WiFi and ATA voice delivery at the end-point as a full service, without needing to re-cable the customers premises.

It is the ideal Triple Play delivery system over the last few metres of cable for upgrading a Hotel coax cable network to full service without needing any invasive re-cabling into the guestrooms.   It also removes the need for additional expensive floor by floor edges switches as the IPoC DAH provides all the required management, control and distribution directly from the server room core switch.

The platform is engineered for complete 3D and UHD (4K) content compatibility and typically deployed at around 35% of the equivalent cost of a new CAT6 cable network with minimal re-work of the riser coax cable structure only required in order to assign blocks of guestrooms to a concentrator port in the most efficient manner.

HIPTV will provide free initial engineering assessment of your project on request.

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