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IPTV Entertainment and Communication Systems for Residential Aged care facilities

Hospitality IPTV has developed a focussed residential aged care facility package for the Australian market.

This package allows full HD local free To air content and a HD Pay TV package to be delivered over a CAT6 network or over any existing coaxial cable network.

The service is delivered through the Hospitality IPTV entertainment portal which provides an engaging platform for delivery of  information, in-house video, local entertainment promotional material, wake up or medication alerts, personalised and facility-wide messaging or alarms.

Extended system features include in-room private WiFi with individual SSID and wired ethernet port and easily integrated Skype support on the IP televisions.

Simple and clean installations are guaranteed by using our proprietary Integrated IP Television in every room, with no external set top boxes or power supplies or cables.

Download the PDF for more information, or contact us to find the local support channel partner that can deliver this platform to your site.

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