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Secure, Rugged, Heavy Industry and Public Transport Mesh Network Hardware and Software

Hospitality IPTV teams up with CVS International Ltd to commercialise this robust and very heavily supported wireless mesh network platform for heavy industry communications, data transport, security CCTV, Digital signage, IPTV and broadband WiFi delivery.

This platform has been trialed by the US department of Defense and found to be ahead of any and all other communications platforms at that time for the provisioning of reliable and high speed broadband data and VoIP communications between vehicles, base stations and individual personnel in the field.

Successful deployments of this technology currently serve many underground and open cast mining operations in the USA, Canada, Africa and Australia.

CVS International combines this technology with general GPS tracking and survey grade RTK GPS corrections to provide real time map overview of any deployment, including three dimensional representations.

Dual GPS antenna systems provide true heading data for precise alignment of physically very large machines in the field.

When associated with the 3D laser measurement systems available from CVS International an entirely integrated solution for real time quantitative measurement of mine face cutting is possible.

Contact us for more information about this and allow us to provide a business case analysis specifically for your project.

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